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There are webinars and there are webinars.  Today I attended (by phone) an hourlong webinar by Steve Harrison. After 20 minutes, I hung up, but here is what I learned:

Steve Harrison has had lunch with a large number of people who have made millions of dollars off their books.

Steve Harrison knows many many people who have made millions of dollars off their books by giving workshops and doing other stuff.

Most people don’t make millions of dollars off their books.

It is very easy to make millions of dollars off of a book.

I am not a writer, I am a marketer.

I would do well to sell a game, sell workshops, sell gewgaws and chatchkes through my book. The book is just a calling card.

My goal is to gain influence and name recognition, and to change other peoples’ lives.

Steve Harrison will tell me seven secrets.

Some very famous people I have never heard of, whom we will all meet later on, have more secrets to tell us.

Steve Harrison has more time with his family now that he works virtually,. He also volunteers at his church.

Fortunately, the webinar was free, so I didn’t feel badly when I hung up.

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