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My profile has been on for I don’t know how long.  It’s free so what the hell.  Every year or so I update it.  Three weeks ago I talked on the phone with someone who had found me on yahoo.  He is a real estate developer and has a farm where he raises racehorses near Saratoga, New York.  He was moderately interesting, though I didn’t feel any urgent need to meet him.

When he didn’t call back, I forgot about him, so was caught off guard when he called this afternoon.  He’d had some “business stuff” to attend to, and had lost my telephone number, ……. but had been thinking of me.  That was nice.

We got reacquainted and then he got to the point.  “I’m going to be in New Jersey tomorrow.  Would you like to get together?”

“What do you mean by ‘New Jersey’?”

“Well, near Montclair.”

“You want to have lunch or something?”

“No.  I was wondering if you would like to make love tomorrow morning.”

It’s been a while since I’ve laughed that way.  “I don’t think I could make love to someone I had never even met.”

“That’s understandable.”

“Tell me.  Do you have many takers for this proposition?”

“You’d be surprised.”

“Not really.”

“It’s certainly worth asking, isn’t it?”


“You know what Bennett Cerf said about Alaska.”

“No.  What did he say?”

“It’s the prelude to ‘no.’”

“I don’t think I’m quite that desperate, you see.”

“Oh no no.  You don’t have to be desperate to do this.  It’s just your decision and that’s fine.  I’m not saying I do this all the time.  I really liked you.”

We talked a little bit more, then he “had to scoot.  Have to pacify a client.  But can we keep talking?”

“Sure.”  He’ll lose my phone number until he gets horny again. 

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